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We want to keep the game under continuous development, which of course includes bug fixes, changes to the map and the integration of new game elements. As our free time allows, we will work to make our game as good as possible!
Greetings from Hungary!

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In this horror game, you must do everything you can to escape the demon’s clutches alive. You have to be quiet and careful! The beast hears everything and chases you everywhere. If you manage to hide from it, it will still be looking for you, so be on your guard!

In the game you can use a flashlight, a camera and a map to help you find your way around. You can distract the demon with different sounds.

The flashlight will be one of your friends

Both item will be very useful during your trip, and you will need to use them!

Also pay attention to your mental state, otherwise you will go crazy in the other world. But more importantly. Remember, you are not alone. You are always being watched!

To escape from this world, you must complete a number of different tasks. For this reason, there are several endings to the gameplay, but there is only one good choice. If you haven't managed to escape the otherworldly beings... well, you can probably guess what happens to your soul and body then.


The empire began to expand its power into nearby territories and destabilised several countries, causing much bloodshed. But the empire's armies also set foot in other areas, in places beyond the borders of the known world. A place that was unknown to all... But it comes at a great cost to all. The horrors of this world have an impact on the other world, and this could unleash forces that no great power, including the Empire, can be fully prepared for...


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Hi. Can I ask a question? How did you make the voices in the video   "OtherSoul Official Teaser Trailer"? The sound is amazing. And can you share this information with me? 

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Thank you very much for your feedback! We used Replica Studio.